Company Principles

As a growing company, we aim to grow with you. We provide you an easy way to send or receive your document. Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal and we follow certain principle to earn the satisfaction of the customer.

We do it for you: We do not want you to go and search for a place every time that satisfy your faxing needs. You need to just send us the information or document that has to be faxed easily without any effort from your home or from anywhere else. We in turn fax it for you.

Safety:  Document security is what you need and this is what we mainly concentrate on. We create a separate login for you and you can create your own credentials.  As you send or receive data from your secured login, you need not be afraid of others trapping your document. You can control the available documents yourself. You can have it for future use or delete it on the go. You can be confident that we will not let the third party to know about your document.

Cost Effectiveness: We do not want our customers to waste money. We understand that some may have occasional use of faxing and some may have to fax frequently. We value your money. Instead of purchasing a fax machine, you can use pay for our services only when you use it.

Speedy delivery: You can send any number of faxes to any number of recipients.  You need not worry about the traffic involved in sending the document. We make sure that your document is received by the opposite party immediately without any delay.

Reliability: You can be confident that the recipient had received your document by just checking your account for the received confirmation message.So, do not worry in an emergency situation. We are there to provide you help. Use our fax online service to send or receive the document in an easy and safe manner.