Fax Easily With Our Fax Service Online

The world is moving fast. Internet and mobile phones are of a great help to everybody in doing business. Though there is a vast improvement in technology, there are people who still use fax as a main mode of communication.

Why fax is still under use?

  1. Simpler and Safe: Faxing is much simpler and safe as well. Assume that you want a copy of an important document which you had left it at your branch office and you need it in your main office. Instead of them scanning the document, mailing it to you, and you, taking a print out of the sent document, it could be easily faxed by just typing in the number.  Emails are prone to hacking and safety of some documents is of utmost importance.

  2. Cost Effective: Instead of purchasing a scanner, computer and an internet connection to scan the document and sent it over e-mail, one can purchase a single fax machine which does everything together. In other words, Instead of investing in multiple machines, you can purchase a single fax machine which does the same job.

  3. Far away seems to be nearer: It is very helpful when a signature is needed from the client or someone else who sits in a far of place. You can just send in the document through the fax machine and the client can resend it to you by signing it. As the fax machine works over the phone line, one need not worry about the security issue.

  4. Receipt: You can receive confirmation receipt stating that it has been received at the other end. So, the opposite party cannot claim it saying that they did not receive the document.

Why should everyone have a fax machine?

Fax machines are helpful to us but there are certain disadvantages in purchasing the machine.

  1. Every individual cannot invest money in purchasing a fax machine. An individual may use the fax machine occasionally. He cannot purchase it for that particular purpose.

  2. If an individual does not have a fax machine, he has to go in search of a shop which is not common.

  3. In case of an emergency situation, one cannot go in search of shop which has fax facility.


What can be done? We could provide you the solution. You need not purchase any machine or you need not go in search of any shop. You can sit at home and send a fax from your place. Do you want to know how that is possible? We provide you e-fax service. It is nothing but faxing online.

What can be done using our fax service online?

  1. You can send or receive a fax from your email, iphone or ipad.

  2. One need not be worried about whether it has reached the opposite party. One would receive the confirmation fax by mail.

  3. Faxing is not restricted to a single page. You can send any number of pages as fax.

  4. You need not wait for anyone to do it for you. You can do it by yourself which involves a very simple procedure.


What should you do to use our fax service?

  1. Download the application in your mobile or computer.

  2. Sign up for free to use the services.

  3. Log in to the application with the credentials sent to your personal mail id.

  4. Request for the fax number

  5. Once the number is provided, you can use your iphone or ipad as a fax machine.

  6. Compose, sign and send or receive fax with ease.

How does it work?

Send Fax:

It is similar to mailing others. Specify the content, attach the necessary document, and send the mail to us by specifying the fax number of your recipient. We will fax the document to your recipient’s fax machine by using the specified number. The other way is to login to the application and attach the required document to be faxed and specify the recipient’s fax number.

Receive Fax:

If you want to receive a fax, your sender has to use the provided fax number to send any document. Once the document is sent, you can receive it by checking your account registered with us.

The document can also be faxed to your mail id.

Advantages Of Using Our Fax Service:

  1. The main advantage of using our service is that it is very simple.

  2. You can send a fax from anywhere and at any time. It comes under the control of your palm and you can send and receive fax just in a single click.

  3. You need not wait for the fax machine to receive the confirmation. The confirmation is automatically updated in your account.

  4. The document sent and received would be secured as it is saved in your personal login.

  5. You need not waste money in purchasing any machine. It is enough if you have an internet connection in your personal computer.

So, do not waste money and time. Start using our fax service online to Fax Burner.